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Every other month, LMG - Africa picks an Artist we think has mad talent and potential. That Artist then gets to work with our Partner Producer and Video Director.  The end result: Free Music production, a Free Music Video and free Promo... all provided by LMG - Africa.


Our Parners: Ekie Bozeur Ent., BiMstr, Xperienc Africa, Enow Film Works and Otantik Films.



Coming up next: DYLLANN


Divine Verekijika ( Dyllann ) is a Cameroonian Artist and Social Activist, born in Kumbo on 15/12/1991. He started muic professionally in 2008 under the name 'Street Jay' and later changed his name to 'Dyllann' in 2018. He is a National Finalist of the AfriMusic Song Contest and winner of the KamerFEST Music contest. He has dozens of compositions to his name.


He is also a youth activist, who uses his talent to mobilize millenials toward policy reform that can create a more enabling enviroment for SocioEconomic inclusion of the youth.





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